Our Philosophy
Our preschool is the happiest place on campus, with our little ones ranging in age from 3 years to Grade R.

Smiles are our end-game because we believe that happy children learn best.

Our focus is to nurture emotional intelligence and to provide them with the ‘soft-skills’ that encourage curiosity, independence and values-based thinking and decision making.


Penryn Prep consists of the Foundation Phase (Grades 1 to 3) and Senior Primary (Grades 4 to 7).

Foundation Phase - Our Philosphy
The core focus of the Foundation Phase is to create an environment in which scholars are exposed to different experiences. This promotes a learning agility-focused culture that enables our children to be more adaptable and confident individuals – setting the tone for future-fit thinking and a collaborative-learning style – a pivotal skillset for the 21st century child.

Our teacher-scholar ratio ensures that every child is nurtured as an individual and their unique qualities can shine through.

Relationship-building is the cornerstone of developing self-esteem and trust for scholars to blossom and explore the many facets of what we offer at Penryn.

Ultimately, our no-one-size-fits-all approach allows for each child to transition comfortably and confidently to the next phase at the Senior Prep.

Senior Prep
Our Philosophy
At the Senior Prep, we develop life-long scholars who are able to problem solve.

Our teachers live for those ‘light bulb moments’ when scholars are able to connect the dots and grow in their academic, emotional and physical development.



Our Philosophy

Penryn College is the oldest Independent high school in Mpumalanga and is a proud member of ISASA (Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa). We are deeply proud that our history is rooted in social development and transformation of education in our Province and Nation.

Our internationally experienced staff prepare our scholars for their academic journey, by equipping each child with the necessary skillset to acquire knowledge. These efforts are then bolstered by a strong emphasis on character-building, our Honour Code and Christian ethos. This combination of access to outstanding resources and self-development, is ultimately Penryn’s recipe for success.

We create a stable, and stimulating learning environment, which brings out the best in every scholar. Our small class sizes and balanced teacher-student ratios, ensures that each child gets the necessary attention and guidance to reach their full potential. Furthermore, offering the IEB (Independent Education Board) curriculum also cognitively boosts our scholars beyond the realms of a traditional education - providing an incredible advantage for their tertiary years.

When you send your child to a Penryn boarding house, you are providing them with the ultimate opportunity to ‘spread their wings’ and set the foundational skills for an enriched and successful future.

Penryn offers boarding from Grades 6-12. Our juniors are welcomed into a nurturing and safe environment that prepares them to embrace their senior leadership opportunities in future years.

In a structured and caring setting, our boarders thrive and invariably mature into capable young people, who integrate well into the boarding house and the wider school community.


Need more proof?
Hear what our past boarders have to say:

James Goldschmidt
I came from a small school in Hazyview and arrived at Penryn in Grade 8, 2014. From the beginning of my boarding experience at Penryn, I learned the true meaning of friendship. It has been an amazing experience and I am looking forward to University to use the valuable life skills that I learned exclusively from boarding at Penryn.

Sphe Mavimbela
As a young Grade 8 coming into the College, I was excited about the new adventure that Penryn held for me, but at the same time I was shaking with fear at the thought of leaving my home in Swaziland. When I arrived at Kiaat House, I was warmly received by all. It was in Kiaat that I found other international boarders who shared my fears and gave me guidance on everything regarding school. Penryn boarding became my home away from home.

When Penryn was conceived some 30 years ago, the core focus was first-and-foremost to create a beacon school, or a model of best practice for how education should and can be. As such, establishing an independent school in the Lowveld was part of the vision, but the other critical component was to create an educational outreach programme that could make an event bigger impact in the region.

Penryn, the school, would be the centre of excellence and Penreach, the outreach programme, would be the catalyst and change-maker of education in Mpumalanga. Over the years, Penreach’s impact has far exceeded any vision dreamed up our Founders.

Touching the lives of over half a million children yearly, Penreach is a registered NPO and is considered one of South Africa’s most innovative and successful educational outreach programmes.

Penreach’s core programmes include:
Early Childhood Development, Books in Homes, Maths and Science, School Leadership Development, Scholarships and bursaries and Artreach & Sportreach.

Penryn is proud to play a part in Penreach’s amazing journey. Our legacy truly tells one of compassion, living the Christian ethos and being rooted in community. Together, we continue to strive to bridge the gaps in education by connecting our scholars, parents and teachers to Penreach programmes. We believe that it is through serving others that we build a future of invested, compassionate young people who can create a better nation and world.

Please visit the Penreach website for more details


scholars from Prep through College have the choice of the following sports:














At Penryn our dance programme is offered as an extra mural through our Culture programme at College level from Grade 8 through 12. We view dance as more than just an opportunity to get bodies moving. Dance is the ultimate way to get scholars to engage with one another in a relevant and energetic space and a chance for even the least confident dancer to learn new skills and boost their self-esteem.

We offer the following dance classes:
Contemporary / Freestyle, Hiphop, Nomvula, Kwaito and Mozambique traditional dance

Ballet is offered through a private academy with Danielle Beer, from Tots through to College years, for both boys and girls.
For more information, contact Danielle: 076 084 5916.

Music at Penryn has always been a key focus. We believe that music is an integral part of learning – developing better memory and language skills, increasing confidence and improving emotional and social skills. With the global focus on STEAM education, the Penryn Music Department is central to our holistic offering.

Beyond the proven cognitive benefits of music education, we also see music as a pivotal way to unite our scholars in a way that celebrates their individual diversity and backgrounds. Our dynamic music team infuse energy and unique style of teaching that brings out the best in every scholar.



Penryn is proud to have produced some of the nations most gifted creative artists, such as the likes of Simon Attwood, who was awarded the Presidential Scholarship for his achievements in visual art, allowing him to study abroad at the School of Art Institute in Chicago.

Our experienced art teachers instruct with a difference. Art at Penryn is viewed as freedom to delve into more than just creativity. We create a space where scholars are free to create through an array of mediums and style – empowering them to express their beliefs about certain social and cultural topics, which is all part of critical thinking.

Our Prep scholars are taught basic techniques, in a warm, vibrant and energetic space that cultivates their creativity through to College years.

At College level, we hone in on technique and theory – giving scholars the opportunity to ‘flex their creative muscle’ in photography, sculpture, print making and various painting styles. Scholars are also given ample opportunity to exhibit at eisteddfods and even travel abroad to learn more about the world of visual art.

Many of our scholars are frequently published in major art publications, including Art Times and The South African Art Magazine. We place a strong emphasis on teaching our scholars the importance of showcasing and selling their work, such as platforming and selling their work on social media, which is a future-fit skill for any aspiring creative.
Speech and Drama
Imagine a school that produces a first team rugby player and the same scholar also has as the confidence and passion to pursue drama and excel at eisteddfods and school productions. This is the caliber of all-rounded scholar that we produce at Penryn.

Speech & Drama encompasses a variety of disciplines, including the performing arts, public speaking and debating. Our highly seasoned drama team taps into the creative essence of each scholar.

Drama is offered from Grade 4 through Grade 12 - as a weekly activity for our Prep scholars and then as a subject for our College Scholars.



Our Christian Ethos

Penryn’s values-based education allows for each child to explore and grow in their spirituality. As a Methodist affiliated and proudly Christian school, Christian values underpins our school ethos and shapes our philosophy of creating a warm and inclusive environment for all of our scholars to mature in their spiritual, moral and emotional journey.

Scholars from all faiths are welcome at Penryn and are not obliged to practice the Christian faith at school.

Our full-time chaplain, Rev. Terry Booysen, offers counselling in spiritual, moral and ethical issues of our time. Religious instruction in the Methodist faith is also provided and scholars are expected to attend weekly chapel, but are not required to participate in aspects of the service that conflicts with their own values or beliefs. All of our scholars, however, are required at all times to exemplify what we stand for as a school – to be an example of good behaviour, proactive citizenship and excellent moral standards.

The development of leadership skills is an important part of the school’s non-academic programme and several opportunities are presented to the scholars, throughout the year. During August each year, all scholars and staff participate in a democratic election to determine the twenty members of the Scholar Executive Committee for the following year.

All Exec members are in matric and the group consists of a head boy and head girl, the chairperson of the Scholar Representative Council (or SRC), eight heads of houses and nine heads of committees. The head boy and girl are full voting members of the Council and manage the different activities and programmes organised by the heads of houses and committees.

2020 College Scholar Leadership Team:

Shelby Guerin
Kgopotso Sedibe
Thando Mathebula

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