Our scholars are preparing for a world of work that will look vastly different from the world we know today. At Penryn, our focus on developing the necessary soft skills required to thrive in this world is a critical part of our pedagogy.

However, even though soft skill development underpins our approach, we also view technology as an essential tool to enhance learning and prepare our scholars for life beyond Penryn.

In fact, it is our belief that technology can better facilitate how each child learns and provides educators with a way to engage with the individual child’s interests.

Our school iPad bank and state-of-the-art Chromebooks in our media centre, affords our scholars the opportunity to use the latest technology and at no additional cost to our parents. Scholars use technology throughout their curriculum at Penryn – not just for technology lessons. This unique approach allows them to apply their knowledge of coding and technology in various lessons and scenarios.

From Preschool level through to our Foundation Phase, we teach basic coding skills through gamification and then in the Senior Prep the coding lessons are more structured and challenging. This enables our scholars to then advance in their understanding of technology application, including the exciting world robotics.

At College level, our scholars are able to progress to the more challenging subjects of Information Technology (IT) and Computer Application Technology (CAT).

Penryn is proud to be the only school in South Africa to offer falconry and one of only three schools in the Southern Africa region to offer this very prestigious sport. Birdlife, in particular, is symbolic of the Penryn story and campus, with the long-crested eagle being represented on our school badge.

As such, our falconry programme, which is now over 16 years old, is not just considered as a sport at Penryn, it is a tradition and a well-respected club.

Falconry is available as a club from Grade 8 and to our College scholars only, with our younger scholars being made well aware of the programme through facilitated interactions with the birds by our programme coordinator and long-time falconer, Mr Steve Van Rensburg.

What does falconry entail?
An accomplished Penryn falconer must have the knowledge and experience to provide his/her bird with the best possible environment, housing, food and equipment, as well as healthcare. The falconer is expected to learn as much as possible about the biological interactions between predator and prey and the approach of sustainable utilisation of wild game species. Every falconer thus becomes an ecologist and an environmentalist with “hands-on” experience.

Penryn falconers are also actively involved in monitoring various raptor species found in the Lowveld.

The advantages of falconry for future careers choices
Most Penryn falconers who study at universities in South Africa have gained acceptance into courses such as zoology and veterinary science. Falconers may also qualify for work at various falconry centres, local and abroad, or register for the Field Guides Association of Southern Africa courses – a stepping stone to apply for studies in zoology and ecology.

from Penryn Falconers:

Ryan Schreuder
GRADE 11, 2017
I am so grateful I found this calling and pursued falconry. It feels magical and primal, an alchemy few of us get to take part in anymore. It’s a feeling that you need to go out of your way to find and then work your tail off to be part of, but because of it I feel a few inches taller when my bird is on my fist. More than just the huge responsibility of looking after a bird of prey I have learned dedication, perseverance and tolerance.

Joshua Hoekstra
GRADE 11, 2017
From the start of my falconry journey, I have made lifelong friends and have met enthusiastic and influential fellow falconers. I have always had a passion and love for wild life and with this added experience and meeting people I feel that it could only help further my career in preservation of wild life. I hope I am able to do this for the rest of my life.

Environmental stewardship is a key part of our greater community service focus at Penryn. We believe that being part of conservation and sustainability projects, is not just the right thing to do, but it is also central in equipping our young men and women with the critical thinking and problem-solving skills needed to be part of the solution to the global environmental crisis.

Penryn is an accredited Eco School and we are currently working our way towards platinum status.

Our Climate Crisis Committee serve as ambassadors to their peers, acting as responsible stewards of the environment and active champions for solutions to the global climate crisis.

Penryn’s affiliation with environmental organisations, such as a WESSA and the Mpumalanga Leopard Conservation Society is a great motivator to our scholars involved in the Bush Buddies programme, which focuses on conservation and sustainability awareness.
We are proud to host Mpumalanga’s only international soccer academy - Sporting Portugal. Sporting Portugal offers weekly training for our young soccer enthusiasts, as well as various national and international touring opportunities. The end goal is to groom future soccer stars, who can be drafted for local and international soccer leagues.

Penryn would not be here today if were not for our ‘twinning relationship’ with St Stithians College.

David Wylde, the then head of St Stithians College in Johannesburg, along with a group of like-minded South Africans, including Enos Mabuza, Bill Carter and Dr Simeon Selby Ripinga, had a vision in the late 1980s to form ‘a beacon school’ - now known as Penryn.

It was at Pretoria Boys High, as housemaster of Solomon House in 1988, that David first discussed the concept of Penryn with Peter Anderson. It was preordained that two old Andreans were talking about what St Stithians could do for the disadvantaged youth of South Africans.

Fast forward some 30 years and one can see the incredible journey Penryn and St. Stithians has taken to form this centre of excellence we call Penryn.

As the only school in Mpumalanga affiliated to St Stithians, Penryn’s scholars benefit from the link with this top-tier school and are provided with unique opportunities to attend its elite Johannesburg-based festivals and other events.

Penreach was initially modelled on St Stithians’ community service project, but has since grown to be one of the largest educational outreach programmes in South Africa. As a result, Penryn now offers its learnings to St Stithians, and the significant reciprocal relationship between the two schools continues.

For more information please visit the St Stithians website.

Round Square
Part of being a global citizen is embracing diversity and having the servant leadership skills needed to unify people.
Our scholars are thus strongly encouraged, through their club commitments, to become involved in service-based activities within their immediate and global communities.

Founded in 1966, Round Square is a global network of innovative schools in 50 countries, on six continents, that share a passion for experiential learning and character education.
Penryn is the only affiliated Round Square school in Mpumalanga. We offer the programme to junior and senior scholars. If selected, they get the opportunity to travel locally and internationally, representing Penryn as part of this global network.

The Round Square approach is built around learning’s six IDEALS:
I = Internationalism; D = Democracy; E = Environmentalism; A = Adventure; L = Leadership and S = Service.

Membership of the Round Square network offers schools a framework for excellence and continuous improvement, along with structured opportunities to collaborate and share experiences with like-minded peers around the world.

For more information please visit the Round Square website.

Penryn offers a number of additional services to our families as an extra benefit to enhance school life.
Please note that these services are entirely optional and billed over-and-above school fees.

These services include:

Every scholar from Age 3 to our matriculants are provided with an optional hot lunch service. The Chartwell’s catering team prepare delicious, healthy, age and portion appropriate lunches for all of our scholars. The Grade 4 to 12 years eat at staggered lunch times in our school dining facility, whilst our Preschool and Foundation Phase enjoy the comfort of eating in their own environment.

For more information, please contact:
Penryn offers a convenient and cost effective transport service for Penryn scholars. Penryn offers a pick service for our White River families from two convenient pick-up areas (White River PnP and Casterbridge) and then a pick-up and drop-off service for our Nelspruit-based scholars at four convenient points (Steiltes PnP, Westend Spur, The Crossing SPAR and The Grove SPAR).
Space is limited for this service.

For more information, please contact:
Our uniform shop, conveniently located on our campus, opposite our multi-purpose turf, offers the Penryn uniform for all phases and various sports.

Our uniform shop is open twice per week, on Tuesday and Thursday from 07h30-09h00 and 14h00-15h30.

For more information, please contact:

Ingrid Young: 083 780 1454
We welcome you and your child to the optional, AFTERNOON PROGRAMME service. We aim to provide a well supervised yet relaxed and fun facility for your child.

The service is run by staff , appointed supervisors and assistants and managed by phase Heads and the Head of the Prep School.

For more information, see details below:


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