Boarding Facilities


Boarding at Penryn is a unique experience filled with opportunities for personal development and lifelong friendships. Our five boarding houses cater for 138 boarding scholars from all over South Africa, Swaziland, Mozambique, Botswana, Europe and India. All our boarders receive the individual attention they need from dedicated house parents in a nurturing setting. Creating a home from home, we accommodate brothers and sisters as well and extended family members in the same hostel to truly assist in maintaining family values and a sense of belonging for the duration of their school career.

Every effort is made to ensure that your child is comfortable in their boarding surroundings. Our boarding houses (named after indigenous trees: Marula, Mahogany, Kiaat, Acacia and Waterberry) consist of a common room where boarders can visit, relax and watch TV. The boys and girls are accommodated in separate bedroom wings. Each room accommodates two scholars, each with their own cupboard space, a study desk and bookshelves. Scholars can decorate their room with their own bedding and photographs of family and pets. Technology provides plenty of opportunities for them to stay in touch through the school’s WiFi. The hostel parent will also ensure that your child will receive medical attention and assistance from our dedicated matron and local hospital facilities should they need it.

A typical boarding day starts at 06h00 in the morning and ends at 21h45 after the 2nd study session.

This includes a fully balanced menu, tailored to any specific dietary needs should your child require it. All main meals and a snack during school break are served in our dinning room.

Friendships that develop in Penryn’s unique boarding environment have at their heart a deep and shared understanding that transcends geographic and cultural borders and bind them together as a proud Penryn family. Their boarding experience grants scholars exposure to a tremendous wealth of cultural diversity and they gain an understanding of issues facing young adolescents around the world.

Boarding is now available for students from Grade 7 – Grade 12.