Foundation Phase


Life at school

Foundation Phase is made up of  Grade 1 – Grade 3. Foundation Phase is a free standing department resulting in a close knit, caring environment where the children can be nurtured and well-catered for in all aspects of their development . Offering a caring, happy environment for children, teachers, support staff. The property lends itself to a stunning environment with fabulous use of natural elements available to the school.

Academic Matters

Main subjects are:

Literacy (English Home Language). Numeracy (Mathematics) Life Skills (an integration of the Sciences) and Zulu and Afrikaans as the first additional languages.

  1. Bible lessons are taught during the school morning instilling the ethos of the school.
  2. General Knowledge is developed through careful planning and inclusion into the homework policy and class quizzes and challenges.
  3. THRASS – The programme used by Penryn for the teaching of handwriting, reading and spelling skills. The programme is implemented from Grade R and is used till Grade 5.
  4. Continuous assessment.
  5. Children remain with their class teachers for most subjects however specialist teachers cover; Afrikaans, isiZulu, Art, Physical Education (swimming is taught to all children – we have the learn to swim pool as well as the training pool), Media, Computer, Music (Singing) and Keyboard Lab
  6. IEB benchmark tests are written by Grade 3’s as Conquesta Olympiads
Music Lab in action.



Sport – afternoon sports are compulsory for all to attend. The children are exposed to a variety of sports namely Swimming, Athletics, Netball, Soccer, Rugby, Cricket, Hockey and Basketball.

Grade 1 – 3 Clubs which includes Robotics, Lego construction, Cooking, Beading, Art, Crafts, Nature, Science, Boardgames, Chess , which vary from term to term.

Junior Robotics

Hobbies Week – is held once a year during “normal” school hours where the children attend a variety of workshops hosted by the Foundation Phase teachers where they make, create, dance and bake along with their classmates building bird houses.

Outings – Class outings are varied each year. Grade 3’s specifically get the opportunity to sleep over for one night.

Media Centre – comprises of desk tops, ipads and an extensive selection of books. All Gr R to 3’s attend a library lesson once a week. Grade 1 – 3 attend an ICT ( Information Computer Technology) lesson once a week ensuring they are exposed to desk top computers and Ipads as well as learning of computer skills and participation on the online Reading Eggs and Mathletics programmes (which the children can utilise from home as it is on online programme and all scholars are given the personal login details)

Buddy System –  at the start of the year , Gr 1 scholars are allocated a Grade 7 buddy in order to establish relationship.  Who meet once a week during the school day. They participate in supervised activities like reading or word building.

Chapel – Gr 1 – 3 attend chapel once a week and have a Foundation Phase chapel where the classes take turns to present a Chapel story. During Chapel successes are shared and many valuable Life Skills and Bible lessons are taught.

Concert – an annual concert is performed and all Grade 1 – 3 Scholars.

Foundation Phase Concert– Commotion in the Ocean

Grandparents/Special Visitors Day is celebrated in the 2nd Term where the scholars invite their Grandparents and / or special visitors to school. Visitors are treated with songs, poems and dances; scholars get to show their books to the visitors.