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Penryn is a school that embraces Holistic Education in its truest form – an education that encompasses all aspects of a child’s development, from Academic, Cultural and Physical, to Social, Emotional and Spiritual. It is a school that has your child, and every other child, at its core, ensuring that your child is developed into a well-balanced, fully rounded individual who is ready for the challenges of High School Education.

The Senior Primary department uses the National Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) as a guideline and adjusts the content to suit the IEB requirements . In consultation with the Foundation Phase and the College; the rigour of our academic programme is designed to prepare our scholars for the high academic standards expected of them in the College.

In the third quarter of Grade 6 our scholars write the International Benchmarking Tests (IBT) in Mathematics and Reading Comprehension which are set by the Australian Council for Educational Research. Our scholars are benchmarked against scholars from Australia, England, Singapore, the USA, Sweden and others.

We endeavour to have our scholars participate in academic activities that extend and excite them about learning; among them the yearly Science Expo for Grades.

Scholars are assessed continually through the year to determine individual progress. Teachers keep records of all formally assessed tasks which may include tests, class activities, projects, assignments, oral and media presentations. At the end of the second and fourth terms examinations are also used as part of the assessment.

Our dedicated teachers with a genuine love for our scholars and teaching as a vocation aim to give every child the opportunity to grow in self-confidence, enabling them to reach their full potential.

Boarding has been made available to Grade 7 Preparatory students to help ease the transition as they moved forward into the College. For more information please contact 5 – 7 and the SASOL Maths Challenge for Grades 4 – 7 to mention but a few.