Life at school

The Preschool is made up of four age groups, the Kingfisher Tots (2 to 3 year olds), the Gr 000 Peacock Class (3 to 4 year olds), Grade 00 Sunbird and Owl Classes (4 to 5 year olds) and Gr R (5 to 6 year olds) and is situated at the lowest end of the school. The nature of education in the Preschool is informal and aimed at preparing children fully to enter into formal education.

Activities available

The children complete at least 3 structured activities daily, according to the theme of the week – painting, sand or water, cutting and gluing, drawing, puzzles, fantasy and construction. Learning in the pre-school is integrated.

Language skills are developed through discussion, story telling, rhymes, puppet shows, news telling and show and tell. Language and literacy experiences take high priority.

Mathematical skills are developed through the use of number rhymes, puzzles, baking, sand and water play.

Physical skills are developed through the use of various art materials, woodwork tools, musical instruments, construction toys and a wide selection of outdoor equipment.

All preschool scholars will have:

• A weekly 30 minute Music and Movement lesson with Mrs Mönnig

• A weekly 30 minute Little Brown Monkey Marimba Session with Mrs Mönnig

Grade R pupils will have the following during the school day;

• Junior Prep Library once a week.

• 2 x Physical Education Lessons per week

• A weekly 30 minute computer lesson in the Prep Computer Lab.

• The mobile i-pad bank will visit the classroom from time to time.

To make the children more aware of the passage of time, every day of the week has a special activity.These include days such as Nature, Charity, Show and Tell, Anti-Waste and Bakerman days.

Little Brown Monkey Marimba group performing.


Music and Drama

A specialised music/drama teacher will visit the school twice a week to present a music ring to each class. This is included in the school fees.

The PPA sponsored the music programme “Little Brown Monkey” which is a mini-marimba type lesson, a forerunner to Music Lab experience for Grade 1 to 7 scholars.

Teddy Bears Picnic

This exciting, annual event is organised by the Class Representatives and has been loved by many as it has been running at this school for many years.