In January 2019 , Pentalks will be hosting a workshop presented by Graeme Codrington.
Graeme Codrington is an expert on the future of work. He is a researcher, author, futurist, presenter and board advisor working across multiple industries and sectors. He has a particular interest in disruptive forces changing how people live, work, interact and connect with each other. Graeme’s breadth of knowledge and expertise make him highly relevant in today’s rapidly evolving business world. Along with his formal qualifications and research credentials, he has a wide range of business experience. He did Chartered Accountancy articles at KPMG, was involved in an IT startup, worked in the Charity sector, has been a professional musician, a strategy consultant and is now a full-time speaker, facilitator and author.
The workshop will be focused around leadership within a changing world , and is hugely relevant to individuals in managerial and leadership positions.
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