Spiritual Ethos

Penryn College is an independent school, with a Christian ethos, guided by and supported through its long standing relationship with the Methodist Church of Southern Africa (MCSA). This relationship with MCSA is governed by a Memorandum of Understanding which outlines doctrine, reporting and governance representation as well as support to the Chaplaincy.

Penryn strives to be a place where students, parents, staff and alumni experience the love of God and Christian faith in action. As such, we seek to create a holistic, Christ-centred environment where social and pastoral care, teaching, healing and prophetic ministry are encouraged through the formation of relationships, on the sports fields, in Life Orientation, Religious Education and through social and community service/ outreach programmes. We are blessed with magnificent facilities and are conscious of ensuring both the school and wider community benefit.

Our Honour Code inspires us to live in a way that honours God, others, self, the school and the social and ecological environment within which we find ourselves. This Honour code together with our Christian ethos and Courtesy Charter, underpin and inform the school’s value system. Our aim is to live out our Christian character by equipping scholars, staff and parents to not only make a difference in the world within which we live, but to take it further and “be the difference” we want to see. In keeping with Penryn’s ethos of nurturing the individual, we strive to encourage the individual to seek a closer relationship with Jesus Christ as saviour.

The presence of a full time Chaplain ensures that the spiritual formation and ethos in the school is maintained by directing the spiritual programme of the College. This includes but is not limited to:
Overseeing and guiding the Spiritual direction and formation of staff, scholars, parents and Alumni in Penryn and Penreach.
Participating in and encouraging daily staff devotions
weekly Chapel services for each of the Pre-school, Foundation phases, Preparatory School and the College
various spiritual programmes, worship events and seasonal events
A voluntary Confirmation preparation programme
Input into the curriculum for Divinity studies and Life Orientation.
Pastoral and Christian Counselling services

Notwithstanding our Methodist roots, the school embraces an inter-denominational community and welcomes scholars from other faiths and backgrounds. Whilst certain functions such as chapel attendance remain compulsory, we recognise the importance as a school, not to impose our beliefs on people, but rather to witness through our lifestyles and living. We hold respect and dignity for the rights of all people and strive to always remain true to our motto “One and all.”