Sport at Penryn is offered to enable scholars to develop their character in the following way:

  • The ability to work in a team,
  • The will to win (as opposed to winning itself although this frequently happens as a result),
  • The opportunity to be good at something thereby developing self esteem,
  • Achieving a healthy body and mind.

All scholars are required to play a team sport each term. Grade 12’s are expected to play a winter team sport, and be fully committed to the sport programme where they have had a role to play in the years leading up to their matric year. Scholars are expected to practice and play in uniform and according to guidelines on commitment and communication. Participation and/or excellence in sporting endeavour is recognised in the Penryn Awards Policy (see below). Sports offered are as follows:

First Term:

  • Athletics club
  • Swimming
  • Training for winter team sports

Second Term:

  • Rugby
  • Boys & Girls Hockey
  • Netball
  • Tennis
  • Mountain Biking
  • Chess
  • Rock Climbing

Third Term:

  • Boys & Girls Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Boys & Girls Cricket
  • Inter-house Athletics
  • Mountain Biking
  • Chess
  • Rock Climbing

Fourth Term:

  • Cross Country
  • Boys & Girls Cricket
  • Swimming
  • Athletics

The Goal of Penryn Sport

The Goal of Penryn Sport is to be competitive amongst the top independent schools in South Africa, and in local leagues, while encouraging scholars to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle

Sports participation

Minimum requirements for all scholars:

  • Try out for at least one team sport in Term 2: either Hockey, Netball, Rugby, or Tennis (you may play more than 1 of these). Scholars playing these sports are expected to participate in Athletics and Swimming training in Term 1;
  • Try out for at least one team sport in Term 3: either Cricket, Soccer or Tennis (you may play both of these);
  • Play the chosen sport for a Penryn team – playing for a club does not count towards school participation.

If a scholar is not selected for a team sport, he/she must participate in one of the following: Swimming and Athletics (Terms 1 & 4); Cross Country (Terms 2 & 3); Chess (Terms 2 & 3); Mountain Biking (Terms 2 and 3) and Rock Climbing (Terms 2 & 3). It is possible to participate in any of these sports in addition to playing a team sport. It follows that a scholar may play more than one team sport per term. Selection for a team takes preference over practice or spectatorship at another event.

Compulsory events: Attendance at the following sports fixtures is compulsory for all scholars, whether participating or not: Derby vs. Uplands (Home or Away); Derby vs. Cornwall Hill or St Peter’s – whichever is at Home); Inter House Athletics/Cross Country/Swimming Gala. Roll call will be taken at various times during these events. Should a scholar not be able to attend one of these fixtures, a letter requesting absence must be sent to the appropriate Grade Head, before the event.

Age groups: In keeping with regulations of national sporting bodies, scholars may not play in an age group below their age (e.g. an Under 15 boy may not play in an Under 14 team). The cut – off date is 1 January:

  • 13 on 1 January = Under 14
  • 14 on 1 January = Under 15
  • 15 on 1 January = Under 16
  • 16 on 1 January = Under 17 (Open)
  • 17 on 1 January = Under 18 (Open)

Presently scholars may play in higher age groups in certain sports, subject to the permission of the Director of Sport: this rule will be reviewed in the near future.

Clashes between sports: A scholar may choose to play two team sports in a term (e.g. Netball and Girls Hockey). Every effort is made to accommodate these scholars when scheduling fixtures: however should match times clash, the scholar will be required to inform both coaches of the clash, and to choose which fixture he/she will fulfil. This policy is currently being reviewed.

External sports: Scholars who participate in external sports (i.e. sports that are not played at Penryn, e.g. Squash, Equestrian etc.) must still fulfil the requirements of the school as per Item 2.1 (unless they are given written permission by the College Head not to do so); they are eligible for Awards and Colours, provided they submit the necessary documentation – the onus rests with the scholar to apply for recognition by the Awards Committee, and to provide the committee with sufficient information to make a decision as to whether colours should be awarded.

Practices & Matches

Times: Practises are normally held from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm, as per the practice schedule circulated at the start of each term, and listed on the school website. Scholars are to ensure that they arrive at the practice on time, in the correct uniform and ready to practice. Before 3.00 pm, fields are used by the Prep school, so College scholars may not start practices early.

Attendance: Scholars who are unable to attend a practice must inform their coach personally, and submit a letter where necessary. Injured players who are unable to participate in a practice, are to continue attending practices, and to assist the coach wherever possible in supervising drills etc. Should a scholar miss a practice without excusing him/herself, they may receive a Sin Bin. Missing a match without excuse will result in a Head’s Detention.

Cancellation: Sports practises will only be cancelled due to inclement weather (heat or lightning) by the Director of Sport, or the College Head. This will be communicated to scholars by means of a notice on the sports notice board and an SMS to coaches, and parents (where appropriate). If no official notification has been received, practice will continue as scheduled. Practices will normally not be cancelled if it is raining.